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Data Quality At Scale

This course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of data observability and its significance in data-driven decision-making.

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ML Observability

Learn how to leverage popular tools to implement ML observability for critical models to detect and explain why the performance of your production models degrades over time due to causes like model drift.

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Applied Machine Learning

Learn how to effectively implement machine learning solutions in real-world scenarios, supporting the entire lifecycle - from problem conception and feature engineering.

Our vetted community of engineers are innovators and life-long learners from organizations across the globe.

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We are combining the effective elements of learning into one engaging learning platform for engineering teams: project-based learning, social, relevant courses for experienced engineers, a mix of self-paced and expert-led, and AI-powered personalization.

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Hiring new talent is 6X more expensive than upskilling existing engineering teams. Invest in your team's growth and they will drive innovation and deliver exponential value for your business.

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We provide you with insights on how your teams are progressing with filling the skills gap and how these new skills can positively impact your business.

A learning approach that aligns with your company values.


Bite-sized daily lessons that you can easily fit into your schedule. Each day, we release new lessons no longer than 15 minutes. Our lessons are carefully curated to ensure that they're both engaging and informative, allowing you to learn something new every day, and at your own pace.


Collaborate with other engineers from around the world, providing you with a unique opportunity to learn from others and build your professional network.


Our live learning sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with subject-matter experts.


Learn by solving real-world problems. Our courses are designed to get rid of the fluff and provide you with the most relevant information to help you apply your learning.

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