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This program explains 3 different concepts around the topic of Tech Strategy: what makes a good strategy and how to describe it, the innovation lifecycle, and how to manage an technological portfolio in your organization.

Learn from a world-class industry expert

Hector has over 10 years of experience in the Tech Industry and has spent the last 5 years managing large Engineering teams and is currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Spotify leading teams behind some of Spotify’s most popular features like Spotify Wrapped. He is passionate about Tech leadership and strives to accomplish 3 things:

  • Deliver business impact 💸
  • Provide the best customer service to the managers reporting to him ⭐️
  • Do tech strategically and at a standard that enables long-term speed 🚀

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3 live courses (2 hours each) with weekly office hours and recordings
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Hector Zarate

This course is for:

Tech Leads, Engineering Managers (at all levels) and Staff Engineers

What you will be able to do after this course:

Attendants will learn to:

  • Use a simple model to identify a good strategy and describe their own.
  • Identify the lifecycle of innovation and how to analyze their own innovation lifecycles.
  • Chart a portfolio of their own innovation investments.

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Session 1: Can you say what your strategy is?

Goal: Attendants can articulate the why/how/what of the business strategy of their Product Area.

Important Learning Objectives:

  • 1. A strategy has clear, measurable objectives.
  • 2. The basic elements of a strategy should be aligned.
  • 3. The Tech strate.

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Session 2: Innovation

Goal: Attendants have an inventory of the most important technologies they rely on, their maturity and awareness of the next generation technologies.

Important Learning Objectives:

  • 1. Understand Strategic Commitment requires opportunity costs.
  • 2. Understand how technology performance evolves in a S-curve.
  • 3. Understand how technological disruption occurs in discontinuous S-curves.
  • 4. Understand Market Dynamics to assess when and how to do a “curve jump”.

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Session 3: Portfolio Management

Goal: Attendants make an inventory of the systems and features they own, and chart their current and future importance.

Important Learning Objectives:

  • 1. Understand Market Growth / Market Share and find examples of products in such stages.
  • 2. Chart an Application Portfolio.
  • 3. Learn what development strategy to use depending on the current and future importance of a system.
  • 4. Differentiate high vs low growth.

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