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A fun, interactive, hands-on course that will make you fluent in data visualization techniques using Python. Data visualization is a vital skill for a data scientist as it gives you the ability to tell a compelling story, visualizing data and findings in an approachable and stimulating way. In this course, we will systematically develop a mastery of some of the most important plots encountered in the field, when to use them and how to build beautiful plots using some of the most popular data visualization libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Bokeh.

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Matt Harrison graduated from Stanford and has been using Python since 2000. He runs MetaSnake, a Python and Data Science consultancy and corporate training shop. In the past, he has worked across the domains of search, build management and testing, business intelligence, and storage.

He has presented and taught tutorials at conferences such as Strata, SciPy, SCALE, PyCON, and OSCON as well as local user conferences.

The structure and content of his books are based on first-hand experience teaching Python to many individuals. He is the author of Machine Learning Pocket Reference, and best selling Illustrated Guide to Python 3, and Learning the Pandas Library, as well as other books.

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